We sell the worlds best high speed video camera lighting.  Providing LED illumination for your high speed video tests.  All of our lights and lighting systems are easily portable.  For on board crash applications we also have our Crash Series systems of 200G rated lighting systems (same 200G rated as our cameras).


Veritas / IDT lighting benefits:

- Superior light quality -  advanced reflector design and precision machining from solid metal blocks provide unrivaled lighting quality.  Professional still photographers and professional cinematographers swear by the accurate colors and even illumination.

- Made and Designed in the USA in Pasadena, California

- Wide operating temperature range

- Low power

- Small size

- High G crash rated lighting systems available


NEW (August 2016) Constellation 500E single element luminary is our newest and brightest light.  This new light is brighter than the existing QUAD 500. This light has user interchangeable reflectors, allowing the user to focus the beam angle in the field by changing reflectors.


Quad 500 LED


Crash LED


Single Constellation 120 mini this is our most popular light.   This light replaced the Constellation 120 (end of life August 2016). The Constellation 120 mini provides slightly more illumination than the standard Constellation 120 in a further reduced form factor, making it ideal when used alone or in large numbers.


Our lights are the brightest in the industry with single LED light heads providing up to 70,000 lumens (Constellation 500E).


With decades of experience and industry knowledge of high speed camera systems, optics, and high speed imaging applications, we are uniquely positioned to support you in your high speed image applications.